Harvey School’s Volunteer Day on East Side

On Tuesday, October 4, 126 students and 21 teachers from Harvey School enthusiastically worked with us to plant bulbs, prime fire hydrants, clean up the streets, and paint a mural on the East Side.

The Harvey School is a co-educational, college preparatory school in Katonah, NY. It was their second time volunteering with the East Side Partnership and the Childcare Learning Centers to clean and beautify our neighborhood.

CLC Mural Painting
CLC Mural Painting

The Harvey volunteers created a gorgeous mural at CLC’s branch at 90 Maple Avenue with Rick Price, a renowned portrait artist and Fine Arts Chair at the school.

I95 Exit 9 Bulb Planting
I95 Exit 9 Bulb Planting

They planted 550 daffodil bulbs and 1,500 crocus bulbs at CLC’s Maple Avenue entrance, Interstate 95 Exit 9 and behind Firestone Complete Auto Care on Crystal Street and the McKeithen Park playground.

Three teams tenaciously scraped and primed 27 fire hydrants throughout the neighborhood.

Harvey & ESP Cleanup TeamSide by side with part of the ESP cleanup crew, eight teams of hard-working volunteers picked up street garbage and bulk waste throughout the neighborhood. The illegally dumped large appliances, furniture and waste they gathered filled up a 40 yard roll-off dumpster.

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School Zone Safety Investigation with Transportation Planner

We recently reached out to the Stamford Transportation, Traffic and Parking Department to request an enhancement of the traffic safety in our school zone, where the Childcare Learning Centers (CLC), DOMUS, and the Trafigura Work and Learn Business Center are located. Approximately 800 children attend these schools or the after-school programs.

This week Transportation Planner Emily Provonsha met with us, DOMUS and CLC to conduct an investigation on our school zone traffic safety.

Emily will suggest to the Transportation, Traffic and Parking Department the installation of better lighting, wider curb extensions, lower speed limits, and more pronounced road markings.

Speed Monitor on Lockwoord Ave


Daskam Park Playground

Daskam Park







Daskam Park is a triangular shaped parcel of land located between Glenbrook Road, Daskam Place and Lafayette Street. We have planted petunias in the park, which serves both Glenbrook and the East Side.

Robert Colgan, a neighbor living in Glenbrook, has initiated to work with us to put in a playground for our children at Daskam Park. We want create a safe, fun and interactive space for our children from both neighborhoods!



“Under the Elevated” Beautification Project Kicks off with a Yes from CTDOT


Currently, the Interstate 95 underpass located on Lockwood Avenue has been a constant eyesore to the neighborhood. While the elevated highway runs deep into the soul of our neighborhood, it is poorly lit and unsafe to pass through.

The Lockwood Avenue underpass is also a “gateway” to the East Side schools, including Childcare Learning Centers (CLC), DOMUS, and Trafigura Work and Learn Business Center. Approximately 800 children attend these schools or the after-school programs. Many of them are using the underpass daily.

We have begun to work with the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) on a revitalization project to find ways to improve the safety and aesthetics at the underpass. The CTDOT has given us a green light to initiate the preliminary steps necessary to start the design phase.

We just began our search for lighting specialists to install dramatic lighting. We also want to involve regional artists and our neighborhood schoolchildren to help us to create an interactive art and light based mural project.

The idea is to encourage aesthetically pleasing walking and biking experience. Traffic calming under the elevated highway is also one of our goals.



In the Spotlight: “Green Side of the East Side”Anti Littering/Anti-Dumping Campaign

Teen Pickup Crew in the Spotlight
On July 21, the Stamford Advocate published a feature story about our grass-root cleanup team. We want to express our thanks to the 11 teen workers who pick up garbage, paint over graffiti and water our gardens and planters in our neighborhood every week!

Also in July, the Stamford Sanitation and Recycling Division waived our dumping fee at the City’s Scale House. By having this fee waived, we save approximately $800 on an average each month for the dumping of the bulky waste collected from the East Side.

In addition, the Sanitation and Recycling Division also agreed to provide, at no cost, 38 metal waste receptacles and plastic garbage bins to be distributed all over the neighborhood at street corners, near underpasses and bus stops. These receptacles and bins are for litter and recyclable materials.

We ask you to properly place your litter and recyclable materials once these receptacles and garbage bins are installed.

We also like to thank Frank Fedeli, Supervisor of the Citizens’ Service Bureau Center, and his dedicated Customer Service Specialists, for their assistance in helping us remove dead trees and bulky trash found in some of the properties on the East Side. Mr. Fedeli has agreed to fine owners for illegal dumping on their property.

If you need to dispose bulky waste to the City’s Scale House, see the City’s instructions.

Share your ideas and suggestions for our campaign and follow us on Facebook@EastSidePartnership and Twitter @EastSidePartner. Together let’s make the East Side streets cleaner!

Scale House Dumping